Run8's 9th update for Version 2 has released. Below a change log can be found.
To download the update visit the Run 8 Studios website.

Update 09 (Version 11.25.2019)

  • AI-Generated trains for the Selkirk\Mohawk Region:
    • DPU will now sometimes be assigned to the train if necessary
    • Minimum HPT has been lowered (too many locos were being assigned)
  • Fixed minor bug causing Dynamic Brakes to be stuck after using [Shift-F5]
  • Adjusted AI Track Speeds on the Mojave Sub to accommodate the upcoming Lone Pine\Trona Railway project
  • Adjusted a few naughty AI Track Speeds on the Needles Sub
  • Excessive Coupler-Angle alarm has been adjusted to reduce false-alarms with longer cars on tight curves
    • One such location was the connector track at Hobart Main 4 to the UPRR branchline when using the long NADX boxcars

Coil Steel Cars:

  • To accommodate the upcoming new Coil Steel cars
    • In the TMU, the “Gondola Cars” button now reads “Gons-Coil”
    • In the Industry Configuration Menu, there is a category for Coil Cars
    • 'Unit Coil Steel' type has been added for AI train generation
    • Note: Unit coil-steel trains will normally spawn in a 1x2 50-car or 2x0 30- car configuration, as per typical train-handling guidelines. You may see more locos depending on the loco-types allowed, but the sim will attempt to follow standard practice of having more DPU than head-end locomotives

Bakersfield Sub:

  • Fixed a minor signal problem at Shirley

Mojave Sub:

  • Fixed some floating mainline north of Mojave Yard and added a couple of local landmarks